Med Spa’s


If you are in the business of dentistry and the growing need for dental implants and Invisalign you have found an expert in the digital space. 

Gyms & Studios

The New Year rush is over and there are still millions of like minded individuals searching for the right gym or health studio, thats who we find. Those who sign up after the New Year rush receive better attention and prove to be long term memberships. We focus on these new members via our digital outreach and lead generation.
The Collective is built for start-up's or companies that want to move like a start-up.

An Advertising Collective

As a collective, we believe in quality over quantity. We achieve results and constantly strive to surpass our clients’ (and our own) expectations. We find the best services and people to partner with and work together to reach our goals. We minimize the amount of choices we need to make by putting only vetted options in our path. We partner with the best of the best, some well-known and others we’ve discovered ourselves. Together, we are all important ingredients in our special collective sauce (which is tasty on pretty much everything…).
Embrace the idea of constant change, watch new concepts/technologies/opportunities, craft a well thought out game plan, and tackle them as they approach. Be proactive as often as possible and reactive only when necessary.


“Shoreline was the only provider that allowed us to scale our business and double our month over month growth. We went from $0.00 to $250,000 monthly in less than 5 months!”

Auto Financing Results

Dave Prescher - Principal, ConsumerXpress

“Data-driven digital media planning helped our clients exceed their new customer acquisition goals. “

Exemplary Media Strategists

Steve Hartman - Senior Vice President, Marketing HelloTech

“We were new to the DRTV world, and he helped guide us with careful decision making, good instincts and a solid understanding of metrics and measurement.”

Thank You!

Adrienne Down GM, eBates

“I have had the pleasure of working with Shoreline for several years. As professionals, the work they put out is second to none.”

Incredible Work

Bill Kantar - SVP, Eventful

The Shoreline Way

We believe in working for you and with you, as though we are in the same organization and you’re our leader. We respect everybody enough to be candid and honest. We have built a team that has experience in the areas that matter to clients. We have a knack for cutting through the B.S. in the space and level setting expectations and timeline.
Standing behind our work:

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